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Noopurabhramari 13th Vol -1,2,3 issue ( collectively)

  Noopurabhramari latest issue is on the board. Issue is indepth, thought provoking and research based with multidimensional approach.  Read, Relish and Encourage by Subscribing the One and only #Danceresearch journal of Karnataka. Pages 160+2 : Vol 13; issue 1,2,3 ( collectively) Issue includes following articles Manjeera – Editorial (Kannada) on Contemporary developments in the field of Dance Bharata Manoratha- Kala Samvada- summary by Madhulika Srivatsa (English) Review of Bharata Manoratha Dance Recital (English) Review of Dutikarmaprakasha Dance researchproduction by Kirthana Ganesh (English) Dutikarmaprakasha- MangalaPada by Dr Manorama B N NudinamanaAnjali to( obituary special articles) –MasterHirannayya, AgariRaghurama Bhagavata, Jalavalli Venkateshwara Rao ( Kannada) Nebbur Bhagavata by Ravishankar Valakkunja ( Kannada) Krishnaveni Mysore by Pavana Ramachandra ( Kannada) Tumkuru Raman by disciple Anupama Jayasimha (English ) Devakana Krishna Bhat by Manamohana Saralimule ( Kannada) Akshara bhramari Column featuring Nrittaratnavali of Jayapasenansi- Lasyangas ( Kannada translation) by Dr Shesha Shastri and the technical terms explanation by Vid Rohini Subbaratnam Kanchana Shodha Bhramari : Need of Dance research By Dr Shobha Shashikumar (English) Shodha Bhramari: A dance research article - The journey of Sthanakas in treatises by Padmini Kumar and Dr Shobha Shashikumar (English) Bharata Koutuka column of Vid Rohini Subbaratnam featuring the special dance style of India- Mayura Nritya and its varieties.- A research writeup ( Kannada) NrityaNivedana Column of Lalitha Shrinivasan featuring two articles Akshara Bhramari:A book to learn theory aspects by Anupama Mangalavede (English) Lalitalahari Column featuring Kalagowri composition of Vid Korgi Upadhayaya along with  Sculptural details by Dr Manorama B N. Rangakshara column featuring Rupaka literature and guidance on the concept Tulasidasa.  Written by Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya New column by Dr K. S. Pavithra in ‘Kalasangata’ – Regarding the Ankita’s in compositions and its necessity. Page design by Dr Manorama Coverpage featured Kalagowri in sculpture and practicality We need your support and encouragement through the pattern of subscription. Editor and Editorial Board Noopura Bhramari Visit – for academic courses, programmes and other information, dance magazine in general.  

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