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Jugalbandi of Yakshagana and Bharatanritya- Murutida Maithri

The ballet was conceptualized and lyrics was written by Shathavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh. Sri Mantapa Prabhakar Upadyaya danced as Sharmishte and Dr. Shobha Shashikumar danced in the role of Devayani. Accompanying artists were Shri Hari on Mridanga, Narasimhamurthy on flute, A.P.Patak on Maddale, Prasannakumar on Rythmpad special effects. Renowned carnatic musician Kanchana Sriranjani added melody by singing lyrics to the dancing. The article contains the links of video, photos and synopsis written by Dr Shobha Shashikumar on jugalbandi in detail which held by BTM cultural academy at Bengaluru Ramana Maharshi Blind school auditorium on 18 December 2017; evening 6pm.

Noopurabhramari Journal 12Vol-5,6Issue combined (August2018- January 2019)

This journal issue contains the following articles.  Editorial on the Natyashastra stories application in Yakshagana (Kannada)  Nudi Namana Anjali to H.N.Ananthkumar, Adoor Ganesh Rao, Kudkadi Vishwanatha Rai and A.Eshwarayya (Kannada) Review/ Report on the Dance research symposium- August 2018 Bharatanatyabodhini book review by Arjun Bharadhwaj (English) A column on NrittaRatnavali (First ever kannada translation of Jayapasenani treatise) By renowned scholar Dr Shesha shastri followed by the meanings of technical terminologies by Vid. Rohini Subbaratnam Column on Dancelyrics with special attention to Koutwa and Article on Shastara(Aiyyappa) by Dr Manorama B N  Need of the Research in Dance a Column on Performing Arts research patterns by aesthetician and researcher Dr. Shobha Shashikumar (English)  Research writeup on Parakiya Nayika- by Researcher Dr Dwaritha Vishwanatha (English)  Bharata Koutuka- column by Vid. Rohini subbaratnam( Kannada)- an in detailed research article on Shukasarika sangeetanrityaprabhandha  Rangaakshara-column by Vid. Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya-On Rupaka  - performancepattern, directional views and literature (Kannada)- on the concept Tyagaraja  And many more writings....  Page design by : Dr Manorama B N   

Ekavyakthi Yakshagana

Mantapa is a popular name among the female role players in Yakshagana. He has performed on 1000 stages as a female impersonator. He did many commendable experiments in Yakshagana. Mantapa fulfilled the dream of Shatavadhani R. Ganesh by successfully conducting an experiment in the Indian aesthetics concept of rasa-dhwani-ouchitya. He started a new experiment in Yakshagana called ekavyakthi Yakshagana (solo show) that focussed especially on female roles.   He was born at Parampalli near Saaligrama in Udupi district. He entered the scene as a female role artist when female characters were not much in demand. He learned the art form at Yakshagana Study Centre in Udupi during 1975-76. He debuted with Kamalashile troupe lead by Keremane Shambhu Hegade. At the time, Keremane troupe used to stage limited-time shows. Later he continued his career with Perdur and Idugunji troupes and started performing as the lead female role. But then he decided to change track and went to Bangalore to become an entrepreneur. For ten years he ran a successful ice cream business. 'Mantapa' ice cream became very popular.  

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