Programmes and Schemes

Noopura Bhramari (R.)
(A non-profitable Foundation for art and research)
1) Annual Art Research Symposium

Noopura Bhramari successfully conducted the annual conference, the first of its kind in Karnataka, on 20th of February 2012 at the Nayana Auditorium, Bangalore. The National level Dance research conference for 2013 conducted on 15th February at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Bangalore. Dance Research symposium held in February and August 2018 was organised with the collaboration of ‘Kalagowri’ Bengaluru was another remarkable credit. Organizing such symposiums annually in order to provide a platform for the art-related researchers by fulfilling their educational/cultural requirements has been our commitment.

2) Publication of books on Dance Research:

Publishing and providing books on dance-related researches and old treatises to the dance students, researchers and also to the Sahridayas is one of the major aim. A book titled ‘Nritya Marga Mukura’, authored by Manorama. B.N, which gives an analytical approach to the way of dance, has already been published in the year 2010 and appreciated by the scholars. ‘Bharata Natyabodhini’ a bilingual ( Kannada+ English) text book for Bharatanatya education at the pre-primary, primary and post-primary stages released at Dance research Symposium August 2018. This book was co-published by Kalagowri organization.
Both of this books are helpful for Karnataka State Board/Gandharva Mandal/ Nāṭyaśastra/Competitive/Eligibility/Entrance Exams. Interested can order the books.
3) Art Research Journal-Noopura Bhramari :

In the present scenario of art research field, bringing out a Research journal is understood to be absolute necessity. In this regard, there is neither any documentation nor internationally registered magazines with media and academic background, to publish the opinions of researchers, or their writings. Hence, comprising a committee of resource persons, we brought Dance Research Journal which was being printed earlier and now its online.

Noopura Bhramari, a bi-monthly magazine had been one of the important achievements. Since 10 years, different aspects in the field of art has been specially located and published. The works which have not been touched upon by any other magazine has been taken up. It has brought out a directory on research work done till now in the field by various researchers of the various universities in and around Karnataka. This work would help not only on availing references for research, but also eliminate the possibilities of duplication in the research topics.

The other remarkable initiatives are- documenting the 100 years of development in Dance styles, group interview of artistes/scholars on Dance research, portraying Yakshagana female characters; publishing write-ups, articles, and research based papers that express contemporary thoughts and show different dimensions. This has been a non-profitable magazine run by the interest got by the fixed deposits, kept as an initial saving amount by the Editor and the readers of the same.
4) Dance Research Wing :

Noopura Bhramari Foundation has a wing on Dance Research, which is an forum exclusively meant for creating opportunities for objective studies and systematic research in dance culture. This wing is formally inaugurated on February 20, 2012 (the Mahashivarathri day), at Nayana auditorium at Bangalore.

The wing is the result of exchange of thoughts and ideas over the years among a few thinkers dedicated to dance to come up with a scheme for identifying the problems in the field of dance, the challenges in the field of research and the responsibilities attached to these and finding appropriate solutions and methodologies. Dedicated researchers/students may become members of the Wing and get assistance for smoothly carrying on futuristic research activities.

The wing is not only meant for dancers, researchers or specific category who possess the qualification related to dance/music; but also the general public from any vocation as well as students, parents who interested to give new initiatives and wish to do research in coming days.
Aspirations of the Wing

  • The wing shall not have any language or geographical barriers. It shall have an extensive field of operation. It shall welcome and provide opportunities for new and self-searching research. It shall avoid propounding a oft-repeated subjects.
  • It shall aid to unite researchers in dance and create a mutually cordial relationship among them. In depth studies and comprehensive instruction will be the path that the wing will take in this direction. Proper methodical research work shall be taken and published.
  • The wing shall principally aim to create and establish appropriate direction and model for research for young researchers and youth as such. Thus, though the wing shall respect seniority, it shall honor profundity of knowledge. It shall chart timely research unfettered by position/prestige/age.
  • The wing shall not be victimized by political, secretive, fictitious and gossip like news. It shall provide and protect friendly and fraternal environment and conduct.
  • The wing shall undertake programmes to emphasize the relationship between practice and theory.
  • The wing shall create and establish specific parameters and direction as well as facilities for inter-disciplinary research in music and other fine arts that complement dance and its various wings.
  • In addition to organizing annual and other occasion-specific functions and celebrations, the wing shall enlist the help of resource persons for conducting research-oriented lectures, workshops, symposia, demonstrations and the like in appropriately devised manner.
  • The wing shall organize symposium, research-based dance recitals and demonstrations. It shall collect the papers presented at symposium, edit and publish these in an appropriately.
  • The wing shall take/assist the research projects, curate research papers and books, guide the dissertation/projects/fellowships.
  • To join the wing there is a life time membership fee is Rs.5000. Fee may vary from time to time depending on the exigencies. It may extend special facilities and concessions to members depending on the appropriateness, scope and nature of the programme. It shall make available the help and guidance of resource persons to members for pursuing research.
  • The wing is democratic in its nature.  The priority is only for Quality work, behavior and decisions irrespective of caste, region, religion, degree, age. Interested can be part of this.

  • Manorama B.N. (Convener, Administration section Supervisor)
    Dr. Shobha Shashikumar (Performance wing head)
    Vishnuprasad N (Treasurer)
    Vidwan Korgi Shankaranaryana Upadhyaya (Faculty)
    Shalini Vittal (Office, Programme and Documentation Committee supervisor)

    5) Certificate and Orientation courses and Study oriented programs and workshops:

    The Foundation has formulated policies towards unidentified tasks that would contribute and facilitate holistic research. Expert sessions has been included. Everything and anything for inspiring quality research work amongst researchers has been taken up. Any person can sponsor special lectures, commemoration lectures. Outstation activities such as lecture / seminar are also arranged. Conducting of academic sessions, holding periodic academic classes on Natyashastra(Kannada and English), Nattuvanga(Kannada), Research(Kannada and English), Cultural journalism (Kannada and English and Puraana katha( Kannada);  have all been some important and varied activities that Noopura Bhramari has associated with and shouldered responsibilities efficiently and with a distinct identity. Dr Manorama B N, Dr Shobha Shashikumar, Vidwan Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya, Mr. Arjun Bharadhwaj, are the faculties for different sessions.
    The youngsters being the torch bearers of our culture need to understand the field thoroughly. Hence such programs has been organized to introduce different aspects of Dance and provoke their thoughts. An academic insight is given at such sessions.  The motto behind is to promote a theoretical approach that would inspire and evolve their performing capabilities which is again a research orientation to students. Already it has conducted State level quiz programs and elocution contests for the students ; on the occasion of National level Dance research conference -2013. Also research oriented dance performances has been arranged by Smt. Megha Shrinivas, Smt. Sangeeta Iyer and Smt. Madhulika Srivatsa and conferred with certificates.
    6) Annual Awards: For the first time in Karnataka, foundation has initiated to respectable awards in the field of Art criticism(with the title -Vimarsha Vangmayi), Organiser excellence(with the title -Kalayojana Koushika,), Life time achievement (with the title- Noopura Kala kalahamsa) and best connoisseur(with the title- Sahridaya Sadratna). Awards has been conferred to a person in recognition of the contribution to subsequent areas. Shatavadhani Dr. R. Ganesh is the President of this committee and is assisted by other scholars. So far, 6 awards has been given and felicitation to contributors has been done in various levels.
    7) Special Dance performance with research approach :
    Dance performance by renowned dancers/scholars are part of the foundation activities. So far 6 main programmes has been organised.
    It is heartening to find the unfathomed distance walked by the foundation in such short span. This has been possible by the growing strength of members, their support and involvement which again is only expanding the horizons of vision, morale as well as the responsibility of the forum.
    Hence the foundation, earnestly looks forward for patronage, encouragement and manpower to be able to successfully achieve its goals.
    The foundation seeks and hopes to be supported in very possible way by a sympathetic patron. We humbly request for your assistance and co-operation, we appreciate your kind co-operation and promise that the donations shall be utilized in a proper manner.
    Sponsorships/Donation will be accepted for the 'Noopura Bhramari'
    (Donation will be exempted under section 80G of IT act )
    Federal bank Ltd; Account No. 18940100002234 ; IFSC Code : FDRL0001894

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