Guidelines to Paper Presenters:

  • Noopura Bhramari (R.), Karnataka - one of the premier institutions of research and publication in India, proposes to address a long felt, un-spelt academic need. This is devoted exclusively to the promotion of publication, advanced research and scholarship on Dance and allied arts as well as to developing requisite resources in Art for research in all the areas of human endeavor including the sciences. The long felt lacuna in the dance research arena has been about its holistic integrated approach in encompassing all its allied forms (beyond the performing arts as well) including literature, music, theatre, sculpture, painting, art history etc. This missing link is hoped and strived to be re-established through Noopura Bhramari. Thus organisation publishing research articles, reflecting on in depth studies, methodological research, openings and opportunities in the field of dance and its traditions. For that purpose Noopura Bhramari magazine equipped with a Journal standard with prestigious ISSN publication no. which is compulsory need for any research paper publication. Herewith we are happy and honored to announce and welcome the Qualitative Research articles on any theme of Dance and allied art forms which contributes to the field. It is a call for those desirous research scholars/ students (Ph.D., M.Phil., MA) Gurus/artistes/authors/students/professionals who wish to publish their research articles on new ideas/initiatives/findings. It is a small contribution to the needy research community towards developing a fertile field for the future as well.
    Rules and regulations
    • 1. Specialization in subject is needed through thorough research. All articles are subject to review by the designated referees. If the research paper is presented/published in any other ways, such papers will be withheld from publishing.
    • 2. Article should include title, author’s affiliation (incase of co-researchers involved), objectives of research of chosen subject, methodology adopted, sources etc., exhaustively along with a bio-data attached giving details of background of the research work done , contact address, e-mail id, phone no etc, of the applicant.
    • 3. Each article to be appended with detailed notes, typed in double space, or 1.5 space; numbered serially and should not exceed 10,000 words (strictly). Article should not carry un-wanted paragraphs which is not related to research topic done by the candidate. The review article should not exceed 4,000 words. Article should specify its research objectives/goals and used methodology either separately or beginning of the Article. Primary and secondary source to be mentioned.
    • 4. References should be typed at the end of article; Citations should appear alphabetically. Multiple citations for the same author are distinguished.
    • 5. Style of reference to be in specific style like APA style, MLA style etc; depending upon the area of research. Figures and tables to be on separate sheets of paper and numbered.Article should use the langauge either Kannada or English.
    • 6. Copyright Permission for charts, pictures and photographs from other published works to be mentioned. Photos and charts ( if sending through mail) should be in proper high resolution. Photos to be sent by Author of Article. No substitute.
    • 7. Credits/acknowledgements to be given properly. No repetition in the subject is encouraged. If such cases are seen, immediately the paper will be withheld.
    • 8. Personal meddling with the selection process is totally discouraged. However, those desirous of availing guidance can contact the editorial committee. The articles on new ideas which contributes for the tradition and performance of dance also welcome. But it should fulfill the need of the concepts/topic.
    • 9. Decision of the Selection committee will be final. The sub-standard papers will be rejected.
    • 9. Donation are accepted at utmost gratitude and acknowledged in journal on their sponsorship category.

      Account Number details :
      Federal bank Ltd, Puttur.
      Noopura Bhramari- 18940100002234
      IFSC code : FDRL0001894.

      All correspondence, enquiry is addressed to the Noopura Bhramari (R.)

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