Understanding the Literary Achievements of King Krishnadevaraya


The Vijayanagara Empire witnessed the rule of mighty leaders whose capable administration propelled the province to global glory. People from all over the world engaged in trade within this empire, and renowned scholars contributed their wisdom, making it not only economically prosperous but also culturally rich. Different genres of literature like kāvya, nāṭaka, itihāsa, purāṇa, dāsa sāhitya, jaina sāhitya, were written and popularized under the patronage of Vijayanagar kings. Krishnadevaraya authored numerous literary works, displaying a genius that allowed him to resonate with the contemporary mindset of his readers, audience, or spectators. Among his works, Āmuktamālyada and Jambavati Pariṇayam have been published and are available, while Madālasacaritam and Satyavadhū Pariṇayam remain unavailable. This eight pages lengthy article examines about the content of King Krishnadevaraya's literary contributions and also gives a path to understand and appreciate his works with an eye towards social values of that time.