Noopurabhramari Journal 12Vol-5,6Issue combined (August2018- January 2019)


Arrticle on Shukasarika, Nrittaratnavali and need of Dance research is very informative and introspective to any dancers and researchers.


This journal issue contains the following articles.  Editorial on the Natyashastra stories application in Yakshagana (Kannada)  Nudi Namana Anjali to H.N.Ananthkumar, Adoor Ganesh Rao, Kudkadi Vishwanatha Rai and A.Eshwarayya (Kannada) Review/ Report on the Dance research symposium- August 2018 Bharatanatyabodhini book review by Arjun Bharadhwaj (English) A column on NrittaRatnavali (First ever kannada translation of Jayapasenani treatise) By renowned scholar Dr Shesha shastri followed by the meanings of technical terminologies by Vid. Rohini Subbaratnam Column on Dancelyrics with special attention to Koutwa and Article on Shastara(Aiyyappa) by Dr Manorama B N  Need of the Research in Dance a Column on Performing Arts research patterns by aesthetician and researcher Dr. Shobha Shashikumar (English)  Research writeup on Parakiya Nayika- by Researcher Dr Dwaritha Vishwanatha (English)  Bharata Koutuka- column by Vid. Rohini subbaratnam( Kannada)- an in detailed research article on Shukasarika sangeetanrityaprabhandha  Rangaakshara-column by Vid. Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya-On Rupaka  - performancepattern, directional views and literature (Kannada)- on the concept Tyagaraja  And many more writings....  Page design by : Dr Manorama B N