Noopura Bhramari Volume 8

 This issue of journal consist of 1. Obituary article on Siddakatte Chennappa Shettey, Yakshagana artiste ( Kannada) 2. Dance Research concepts and reachability (in Kannada) by Dr H S Gopala Rao ( Presidential speech in Dance research conference 2013) 3. A research article on Ekharya need in Classical Dance by Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh ( Kannada) 4. A presidential speech by Dr Venkatachalashastry,  Prof PV Krishna Bhat and MP Ananthkumar  in Dance research conference 2013 (Kannada) 5. A Research article on Hastas in various treatises and their application in Bharatanatya by Padmini Kumar ( English) 6. History, Definition, concept of AnyaSambhoga Dukhita Nayika by Dr Dwaritha Vishwanath ( English) 7. A Dance review on Nirupama Rajendra's Bharatanritya Prucchakatwa in 1000th Avadhana of Shatavadhani Dr R Ganesh written  by Vidwan Korgi Shankaranaryana Upadhayaya ( Kannada) 8. A Dance review on Bharatanritya Rangapravesha by Vidwan Korgi Shankaranaryana Upadhayaya ( Kannada) 9. A study oriented indepth column article on Father and Son relationship in Ramayana by Late Korgi Venkateshwara Upadhayaya ( Kannada)  

Noopura Bhramari Vol 8

 This issue of journal consist  1. The detailed obituary article/interview and op-editorial on the life achievements and experience of Late Dr. Maya Rao, Kathak Guru, Natya Institute. ( Kannada and English) 2.Tribute to Adyar Lakshman Sir- a beacon of Nattuvangam (English) 3.Natyashastrakathanamalike - A lyrical series on Natyashastra stories and Many other columns. 

Noopura Bhramari Vol 9

This issue of journal consist  1.The detailed obituary article/interview/letters on the life achievements and experience of  Late Jayalakshmi Alva and Master Vittal, who are prominent Gurus of Coastal Karnataka (Kannada by Dr Manorama B N) 2.An article tribute to Narasimhachari- A renowned musician, composer and nattuvanar. (English) 3.Review on Bharatanritya by Vid. Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya (Kannada) 4.Article on Thatre music ( Rangasangeeta in Kannada) 5.Ganapati stuti, Shriramadasharagamalika and other poems, hasta lakshana (Kannada) 6.Natyashastrakathanamalike- Dance lyrics Series on stories of Natyashastra 7.An Article with discussion on Children Theatre by Mr. Moorty Deraje 8.Jati and Nrityasahitya lakshana and its propriety in current days of classical dance by  Vid. Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya  ( Kannada)

PHD Documentation

This document consists the documentation of performing Arts Phd's and D.litt from the people of Karnataka till 2010 in various universities.   

Noopura Bhramari 12th Vol

 Latest #Noopurabhramari* (12Volume-2,3,4 combined ( *February2018- July 2018*) is now available in digital format. The latest issue consist of many thought provoking articles,columns which is treasure of #scholarship and #knowledge. To name few- *Editorial on the journey with Noopura Bhramari* (Kannada) *Nudi Namana Anjali* to #SahridayaSadratna Subbukrishna Report on the #Dance #research #symposium- February 2018* *A column on #NrittaRatnavali (First ever kannada translation of #Jayapasenani #treatise) By renowned scholar *Dr Shesha shastri* *Column on #Dancelyrics with special attention to #Shabdam -#Ganapatishabdam *Column on #PerformingArtsresearch patterns by #aesthetician and #researcher Dr. Shobha Shashikumar (English)* *Research writeup on Classification, Duties of #Sakhi and her representation in #MohanaTarangini of Sri #Kanakadasaru- by Research scholar Deepthishri Bhat* (Kannada) #Bharata #Koutuka- column by Vid. Rohini subbaratnam( Kannada)*- an in detailed research article on #Jakkadi #nritya #Rangaakshara-column by Vid. Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya-On #Rupaka #performancepattern, directional views and #literature (#Kannada)*- on the concept '#Krishna Karunya' And many more writings.... Page design by : Dr Manorama B N Pages- 106