Study results on Impact of Covid pandamic on dance and dancers


This presentation is part of the #ShodhaSarani – An #art_research_series By #Noopurabhramari (R.) This series is dedicated to all kinds of #PerformingArts including allied #artforms. Our aim is to encourage, promote qualitative #research; and help in the upcoming studies by establishing the productive research to the #Artfraternity.

Abstract It has been one and half years since the world is facing the crucial challenge called #Covid19. Amidst of this trivial tricky journey, performing art has taken different face of expressions. Even Noopura Bhramari has experienced, examined these phenomenon while assisting to the #artistes need. Many of the artistes are still struggling to maintain the line with livelihood and Art. In this path, beginning of #Certificatecourses are one of the major programme initiated by us, to rejuvenate the minds of ardent art seekers. Now, *Shodha Sarani 5 bringing the study results on Impact of Covidpandamic on Dance and Dancers by Dr Soumyashree M Kaku*, Bengaluru based medical doctor (#NIMHANS), clinical #researcher and #Bharatanatya dancer. Producer : Dr Manorama B N , Principal and Editor, Noopura Bhramari Video Editing : Vishnuprasad N & Dr. Soumyashree M Kaku Expert committee for this presentation : Dr Shobha Shashikumar, Dr Dwarita Viswanatha and Arjun Bharadhwaj