Video Gist of South Zone Dance research symposium 2019

 Noopurabhrmari & Nirmiti organising South zone level #Danceresearch #symposium 2019 - on July 21, 2019 @ 11.30AM Venue : Nirmiti Auditorium, Narayana Nagar, Near Yalachenahalli metro station, Bengaluru.    Research Scholar’s Paper presentation Promotional video gist-  1 and 2nd Session

Mayura Alarippu in Bharatanritya language

Retaining the traditional structure of an alarippu-to be performed in three levels of sama, araimandi and muzhumandi; and in three speeds- This Mayura Alarippu is an experiment to utilize the Bharatanrtyam language in the alarippu format to bring out the concept of a dancing peacock.

Mahanata Kauthvam

A new creative piece Mahanata Koutwam employing Bharatanritya technique of Natyashastra experimented and Performed First ever- in detail on Mahashivaratri, February 2018 @Dance research symposium - Shivaradhana through Nrityadhyayana organised by *Noopurabhramari and Kalagowri* held at Kalagowri open auditorium.

Smt Padmini Kumar on Dance Sthanakas

Sthanaka is only a still posture.The marga style has given a few basic sthanas. This was in vogue till about the 10th century which gradually declined making way for provincial postures within the broad frame of older format.