Dance during Gupta period according to inscriptions, sculptures and literary sources


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History of Ancient India has seen many dynasties like the Maurya, Śunga, Śatavahana, Kaḻinga, Gupta, Pāla, Vardhana, Raśtrakūta, Cālukya and so on, that have ruled across its length and breadth. The magnitude or the expanse of these dynasties can be realised by studying the history relating to these dynasties. Through their great patronage to arts, each of these dynasties set their impression into history, which is as glorious and unique as one can imagine. Gupta period is considered as the “Golden Era” by most historians . Inscriptions, sculptures, and literary sources of Imperial Gupta period (4th Century CE to 6th Century CE), provide some of the crucial evidence with which one can estimate the state of dance during the Gupta period. When Chandragupta-I established the kingdom of the Guptas, it was a significant political development as the Guptas were one of the earliest indigenous kingdoms to rule such a vast empire where there was multitudinous development. Excellencies were achieved in terms of education, administration, science, literature and so on during the Gupta reign. Such growth influenced the social life of its people that further nourished art and culture too . Hence through the study of various sources of this time like the inscriptions, literature and sculptures, one can understand the dance during Gupta period. The Gupta inscriptions as well as literary sources belonging to the Gupta period like the Kāmasūtra of Vatsyāyana, Caturbhāṇi by Śyāmilaka, Vararuci, Śūdraka, Īśvaradatta and works of Kālidāsa gives us an idea of the society and the system during Gupta period.