Vasantotsava- Challenges in Dance reconstruction- a perspective.


VASANTOTSAVA- Challenges in Dance reconstruction- a perspectivePadmini Shreedhar, Dance Research scholar, Bangalore.

Mphil Title- Contextual analysis and reconstruction of dance –with special reference to Vasantotsava of Vijayanagar Times. 


Vasantotsava in the Indian context is observed with regional variations in the celebrations. Historical and Mythological evidences reveal that Vasantotsava was celebrated in different forms throughout India. It is the advent of the spring season; marks beginning of a new agricultural season and heralding the bright, colourful nature after the dull customary hiatus during the cold winter. Vasantotsava brings in joy, contentment and a refreshed attitude towards life. It brings people together as a harmonious community to express their gratitude to nature for providing the invaluable resources for their sustenance. This Mphil study and dissertation was planned with practical reconstruction of the celebratory sequences as the ultimate goal rather than culminating at the theoretical level. The concept of Vasantotsava eventually was unwrapped in stages. This is a article on the journey of the themes for celebrations of Vasantotsava, expressed through music and dance.