Tracing The Adavu Through Study Of Treatises In Sanskrit


Tracing The Adavu Through Study Of Treatises In SanskritAnupama Jayasimha, Bengaluru

This study is part of Mphil dissertation of research scholar, presented in State-level Noopura Bhramari Dance research symposium 2018                               


Karanas influenced the formation of Adavus; Adavus also were inspired by the regional dances. The Pada Bedhas, Desi Karanas and Desi Nrruthya formed the bridge between the Karanas and Adavus. Then In which century did the word Adavu originate? Apart from Karana, were there any other influences in the development of Adavu? Here tracing the origin of the Adavu by the study of treatises and poetic works in Sanskrit, Kannada and Tamil done. The present paper is confined to only tracing the Adavu through study of treatises in Sanskrit. Methodology, which has been followed, is Qualitative, Descriptive, Analytical and Historical.