The understanding of Krishna as a Srngara Nayaka


Krishna is the magical hero who has captured the hearts of every scholar, artiste and common man alike by multilayered personality. The evergreen hero, Krishna, figures foremost in Indian scriptures and stories. Inspired thus, his popularity has spread over every subject for many centuries and will continue to do so. Every person smitten by his charisma has tried to understand Krishna is his/her own way. One can only try because it is truly an illusion to think that he has been completely understood! Still, the endless attempts continue and it becomes possible only because of his enigmatic persona.This particular article explores one aspect of this endearing Krishna – as a hero in love. In this research paper, an extract of the MPhil dissertation submitted by the researcher is being presented. The element of Krishna as a Srngara Nayaka is being dealt with. The major findings of the research are highlighted in this article.