Hastas According To Various Treatises and Their Application In Bharathanatya


There may be many authors for various kinds of hastas and the usage might also be varied but the great sage Bharathamuni is the true originator. The study of various treatises on dance authored by knowledgeable scholars will be fruitful as one can have a variety in actions, gestures and movements with a touch of novelty within the frame of shastras. The performance which would last for hours at a stretch in age old days has presently been limited to less than two and a half hours due to time constraints. The need of the hour is crisp presentation and to be precise in gestures. The knowledge of availability of more hastas in treatises of different centuries would help one to be apt in abhinaya. The search has been taken up with the prime objective to technically enhance the hasta language of Bharathanatya with the background of the study of hastas in additional treatises and analyze their implementation at the right context in Bharathanatya. Further to create awareness of the vastness of Hasta-abhinaya according to the shastras. A comparative analyses of hastas in all the treatises taken up for the study is to be brought forth. Finally, it is to be made available to be used as a comprehensive guide at a glance. The study is also based on the practical performances of Bharathanatya.