Symbolic Representation of Adavu Pattern in Bharathanatya


Journal Issue No: 1,2,3 Volume No: 11

Year 2017 January- June

Symbolic Representation of Adavu Pattern in Bharathanatya-- Ranjana NagarajaJain University, Bangalore.

                                                                                                     Co-author: Dr. Shobha ShashiKumar




Symbolically representing dance will make the documenting or writing down the choreographies much simpler and easier to every individual. It also helps the dancers to understand the vocabulary of dance. Each and every experimental thought and uniquely designed choreographies can be eternalized. Bharathanatyam needs its own notation system where each & every compositions can be written down. As Bharatanatyam is considered to be a medium of communication, it takes extra effort in creating a sub layer through which it can be efficiently conveyed through the body. Hence scripting bharatanatyam becomes necessarily important for all, as it bridges two dependent factors i.e. compositions and writing. Symbolic Representation of adavus pattern is about constructing common written language for bharathantyam. This study is a sincere attempt to create the simplest symbols which represents its respective movement. The main aim is to develop the art of writing down or common scripting system for bharathanatyam. Universalized notation system helps dancers to communicate widely without any language barrier.The symbols created will easily communicate and accurately. When the dance is written down then the movements will register in the mind of the dancers, which helps to get ease of the form while performing. Dance students struggles to remember all the dance choreographies learnt; having written hard copy comes handy to them to recollect all any dance choreographies.This notation system can be used academically and in state examination board to gage the level of understanding in the students. Scripting Bharathanatyam should be added to the pedagogy; and adapted in all dance schools.This can give authenticity to communicate the research study done on practical basis. The methodology followed for this dissertation will be qualitative which uses techniques such as interviewing well known Gurus of Bangalore, who have dwelled in the Guru-Shishya tradition, Along with that, initially questionnaires were set and surveyed among senior students and practicing artistes. The nature of dissertation is constructive or productive. To extract the symbols, simplification method is used.