Noopura Bhramari 11th Vol


RNI No : KARKAN/2009/29752

Volume No : 11

Issue No :  1,2,3


*Noopura Bhramari* (11Volume-4,5,6 + special annual combined issue July2017-Feb 2018*) is now available Here is a digital format. This latest issue consist of many thought provoking articles,columns which is treasure of scholarship and knowledge. To name few- *Editorial on the concept Mahanata Koutwa* (Kannada) *A column on Nritta Ratnavali (First ever kannada translation of Jayapasenani treatise) By renowned scholar *Dr Shesha shastri* Edited by Vid. Mahesh bhat haryadi, udupi. *Column on Performing Arts research patterns by aesthetician and researcher Dr. Shobha Shashikumar (English)* Research writeup on Tracing the Adavu- study of Sanskrit Treatises by Research scholar Anupama Jayasimha (English)* Research writeup on Classification, Duties of Sakhi and her representation in dance and dramas by Research scholar Deepthishri Bhat (English) *Bharata Koutuka- column on special information on performing arts in treatises by Vid. Rohini subbaratnam( Kannada)*- 'Spangels in the sunbeam. *Rangaakshara-column by Vid. Korgi Shankaranarayana Upadhyaya-On Rupaka performance pattern, directional views and literature (Kannada)*- on the concept 'Gangavatarana' An Experience of Rangabhogha in Modern times by Megha Shrinivas(English) Discussion floor - Virahaduriya Bege.... Nartana- Most controversial writeup in dance articles in 2017. Coverpage design by: Raghu Wodeyar Page design : Dr Manorama B N Pages-125 *Single Copy Price - 75Rs*